3 Tips for Preparing to Meet with a Lawyer for the First Time

Attorney Client Meeting

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Do I need an accident attorney? How do I find a personal injury lawyer? 

How do I choose the right lawyer? 

You’ve decided it’s time to hire an attorney. Looking for and deciding on an attorney can be difficult, but the truth is, there is never a better time than right now. No more pushing things aside until there’s a better time. Sure, dragging your feet about contacting an attorney is easier than the effort of finding a good attorney you trust.

We get it – and we don’t take it personally. Still, it’s important for you, your family, and your way of life to begin those initial steps and set yourself up for success early.

A good attorney is happy to ease the burden down the road (that’s what we’re here for!), but for that first meeting there are a few vital things you can do for yourself. Then, with your part accomplished, you’ve paved the way for your attorney to take the reins.

So, let’s say you’ve decided on an attorney and you’re preparing for your first consult. 

What things can you do to make the most of your meeting and prepare for success?

1. Bring and ask questions!

You might think this doesn’t need to be said, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or rushed once at your appointment with tons of things to cover. Make a list of questions on paper or on your phone beforehand to ask. A good attorney will take the time to answer every question, so you leave feeling taken care of and informed.

Remember that saying, “there are no stupid questions”? It’s true! You shouldn’t end your consultation feeling more confused and unsure than before. This includes discussing money – legal fees and attorney costs – a topic that leaves many uncomfortable and nervous.

2. Be honest and open!

You might feel embarrassed or stressed having to recount personal details or events. We want to stress you shouldn’t. It’s important that you relay anything relevant rather than hide it out of discomfort. We need to know and understand all the facts of your case to best help you. 

Remember: we’re here to help! And we are on your side. We can’t provide the best service without your candidness, which also means sharing anything even if you see it as small or insignificant. It may be noteworthy and if it’s not, we want to know anyway just to be sure.

3. Document everything!

It sounds tedious and annoying – and it can be. But law is heavily reliant on documentation. Keep a file of anything related to your matter: receipts, letters, emails, you name it. Early on, not only is it important for your attorney to have access to these items but it will help you keep track and give you a sense of control. Even after you’ve given your attorney the go-ahead to take over and proceed, you should still keep records of anything pertaining to your case.

Events can seem confusing down the line, and the documents will always be available for you to review at your own speed. Trust us, you will be grateful for the documentation when your day in court comes around.

So, there are just three major things to be prepared for. Granted, they may seem a little unexciting and may not be an easy five-minute task on your already extensive to-do list. But they really are important when you are preparing to meet with your attorney.

A legal issue has the potential to be a dramatic and influential part of your life; it makes sense to take the right steps to success, so all that effort and stress isn’t wasted. If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right!

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Attorney Client Meeting
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