What happens if you hit your head in a car accident?

What happens if you hit your head in a car accident?

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Some of the most frequent injuries from automobile accidents are head injuries. A brain injury might result in minor discomfort that goes away quickly or serious injury that lasts for a long time. It can be difficult to assess the seriousness of a brain injury after an accident.

About 28% of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by automobile accidents. It’s not entirely unexpected given the millions of vehicular accidents each year that result in injuries, many of which are brain traumas.

Head injury, brain injury, and traumatic brain injury are terms that are frequently used interchangeably. These terms can be used to describe a wide range of head traumas. A concussion is another term that may be used to describe a head injury.

What is a Concussion?

In many cases, a concussion is a minor brain injury resulting from a sharp and sudden blow to the head that leaves you feeling somewhat confused, lightheaded, and other symptoms. Your brain is physically tossed around within your skull after an auto collision, which can cause nerve fibers to break, bruise, or hemorrhage.

Symptoms of Mild TBI and Concussion from a Car Accident

Here are signs that you sustained mild TBI (mTBI) and concussion from your automobile accident:

You fell unconscious. You may have banged your head on the steering wheel, windshield, or another area and lost consciousness due to the violent impact of the crash. Your brain has sustained injury even if you were just unconscious for a brief period of time. Remember that you do not need to lose consciousness in order to have experienced a concussion.

You heard ringing in your ears or saw stars after receiving a hit to the head.

You got confused and developed amnesia. It could take you a few hours or perhaps a day or more to notice that you can’t remember specific details, are unsure of the date, or are otherwise unable to focus on the work at hand.

You experience nausea, vertigo, light sensitivity, and you could have vomited a few times. Even though you may not have passed out at any point, this should serve as notice that you have suffered a concussion due to a vehicle accident. You might not even remember bumping your head.

Mood swings. You tend to get angry more often, become irritable or listless, or show signs of nervousness or anxiety without apparent cause. Also, you could be depressed. 

Issues with vision and maintaining balance.

Sleep cycles are messed up. You’re having trouble getting to sleep, sleeping longer or shorter than usual, or neither.

Seizures could happen in more serious situations.

Symptoms of a concussion may be delayed

Some brain injury symptoms could appear right away after a collision, while others may take days or even weeks to manifest. It’s crucial to keep in mind that any head injury, even if there are no visible signs of bruises or skin breaks, can be potentially fatal.

Too many people in California who have mTBI choose not to get the required medical attention, believing that a concussion is a seemingly unimportant occurrence, despite the fact that they continue to experience its aftereffects. All symptoms should be thoroughly treated, and any brain damage must be regarded seriously.

How do I know if my head injury is serious?

Rarely, a potentially harmful blood clot that presses the brain up against the skull may form. The persons who are attending to you should dial 9-1-1 or immediately transport you to an emergency unit if you:

  • Have a headache that doesn’t go away or worsens
  • Have reduced coordination, numbness, convulsions, paralysis, or seizures.
  • Speak incoherently or exhibit odd behavior
  • Have a pupil in one eye bigger than the other
  • Vomit frequently
  • Has difficulty identifying people or places, becomes restless or agitated, or is confused
  • Appear unusually sleepy, lose consciousness, or is unable to wake up

If you exhibit these warning symptoms, seek urgent emergency medical attention.

You may make a concussion insurance claim

Concussions are recognized as a kind of brain injury, and insurance companies and juries treat these situations seriously. California law aims to restore you to your pre-accident situation. In order to obtain compensation for losses like medical expenses, diminished quality of life (also referred to as pain and suffering), lost income, and future medical care, you can submit a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

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What happens if you hit your head in a car accident?
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