When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Crash in California?

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After Car Crash

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You should call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injurious accident. Even if you’re unsure what your next steps are, or even if you’re certain you’ll get paid by the other driver’s insurer, having a lawyer early on can be a huge advantage for you. Here’s why.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Early in the Case

Timing is crucial in an injury claim. Evidence is most preserved immediately after the accident, and often gets lost as days pass. When you hire a car crash lawyer early on, your attorney and their team can promptly investigate and compile helpful evidence for your claim.

A competent attorney can also ensure you avoid delays that may damage your case. For instance, the law firm can arrange for you to get timely medical appointments to diagnose and treat your injuries.

This is important because insurance companies – and sometimes judges and juries – look at delayed checkups as a sign that your injuries are not as serious as you say. Unfortunately, injured individuals find it challenging to get a doctor’s appointment immediately, often having to wait for weeks. With an established and well-connected legal team working for you, you can minimize such delays. There’s no downside to getting legal help quickly, however, there can be problems with delay.

In addition, having an attorney from the start gives you protection from common mistakes in the claims process. Soon after your crash, you’ll likely get a call from the insurance company, and they will ask to record the conversation. You can refer them to your lawyer so you can avoid making statements that could be used against your claim.

The insurance adjuster may also make an early injury settlement offer. This can be tempting to accept, but early offers are usually much lower than your case is worth. When you have an attorney on your side, you can determine the compensation amount you really deserve, and you won’t have to settle for quick but low-ball offers.

Signs You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

In general, if your auto accident resulted in significant injuries, you’ll want an attorney to help you get the full compensation you deserve. You should also consider hiring a personal injury lawyer when your case involves any of these:

  • The other driver denies responsibility
  • The other driver says you’re partly at fault
  • The insurance company asks for a statement from you
  • An insurance adjuster denies liability or says you are at fault
  • The crash involved more than two vehicles
  • The crash involved a government entity or structure
  • The insurance company is unresponsive or keeps delaying your claim
  • You suspect your rights are being breached.

Cost of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Some accident victims are reluctant to hire an attorney because they believe it would be expensive. With the Zucker law firm, you can hire a personal injury attorney without upfront costs. We won’t charge you any lawyer fees until we’ve won an amount for you, and our fee will only be a percentage of your award. This means you won’t risk any out-of-pocket money at all when you work with us.

In addition, your initial consultation with us is free. You can get experienced legal guidance without worrying about payments. It’s wise to at least get a consultation as soon as you can so that you’re aware of your rights and what you may be entitled to.

How Long After an Accident Can You Sue for Personal Injury in California?

Under California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1, you generally have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, starting from the date the injury occurred. After this two-year period, you’ll likely lose the right to sue. Certain situations may extend or shorten this time limit, so it’s best to speak with a lawyer to know your deadlines.

Two years may seem like ample time to file suit, but in reality, many accident victims have missed their opportunity to sue because of unexpected hindrances. A typical scenario is that claimants believe they’ll get properly compensated through an insurance claim. By the time they realize the insurance company won’t cover them fully or is not dealing with them fairly, it’s already too late to sue.

It’s always prudent to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer right away to see your legal options and timelines after a car accident.

Contact a Temecula Personal Injury Lawyer

For more than 25 years, the Zucker Personal Injury law firm has been helping Californians get rightfully compensated after their vehicle accident. Our attorneys have a stellar track record in insurance negotiations and court trials, and they’re supported by our network of medical professionals who help us advocate for the rights of the injured.

Talk to us about your crash injuries. Call the Zucker law firm at (951) 699-2100 today.

The accident lawyers at Zucker Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, APC in Temecula offer legal services exclusively in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death.

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After Car Crash
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